Morgan County Emergency Management Agency 

Morgan County EMA is dedicated to protecting the health, safety and economic interests of the residents by reducing the impacts of natural and technological hazards through hazard mitigation planning, awareness and implementation.

Hazard mitigation is any action taken to permanently eliminate or reduce the long-term risk to human life and property from natural and technological hazards. It is an essential element of emergency managements along with preparedness, response and recovery. Our Morgan County Hazard Mitigation Plan serves as the foundations for hazard mitigation activities within the county.

Implementation of the plan’s recommendation will reduce injuries', loss of life and destruction due to natural and technological hazards. The plan provides a path toward continuous proactive reduction of vulnerability to the most frequent hazards that result in repetitive and often severe social, economic and physical damage.

The ideal end-state is total integration of hazard mitigation activities, programs, capabilities and actions into normal, day-to-day government functions and management practices. How successful this mitigation effort is may depend upon the dedication and interest displayed by governments, volunteer groups and political entities responsible for its’ implementation.