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Morgan County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is dedicated to the service and protection of the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama.

We are here to serve Morgan County by implementing an All-Hazards Plan in which we envision an active resistance to the threats of nature to human life and property through publicly supported mitigation measures with proven results.

The municipalities and communities within Morgan County are committed to reducing the exposure and risk of natural hazards by activating all available resources through cooperative intergovernmental and private sector initiatives and augmenting public knowledge and awareness.

What Is Emergency Management?

Emergency Management is the coordination and integration of all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capabilities to prepare for, respond to, recover from, or mitigate against threatened or actual disasters or emergencies, regardless of cause. Furthermore, emergency management activities in response to an incident are a component of overall incident management and are aligned with parallel response processes associated with prevention and protection. The body of knowledge with respect to comprehensive emergency management includes the concept of emergency management "programs." These "programs" are comprised of functional areas including operations and procedures, hazard and risk identification, plans and procedures (strategic plans, operational plans, recovery plans), hazard mitigation, public information and public education, finance and administration, etc. etc.”

(DHS, Lexicon, October 23, 2007, p. 9)

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2019 Alabama disaster preparedness Conference

The 2019 Alabama Disaster Preparedness Conference is set for June 11-13 at the Marriott Prattville Hotel and Conference Center in Prattville, Alabama. Presented in partnership by the Alabama Association of Emergency Managers (AAEM) and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). Click the button below for more information.


How Browns Ferry Works

Located on 840 acres beside Wheeler Reservoir near Athens, Ala., the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant is one of the most powerful in TVA’s generating portfolio. When the plant opened in 1974, its three boiling-water reactors were the first in the world capable of producing more than 1,000 megawatts—or 1 billion watts of power. Click the button below to learn more.


Alabama jubilee hot air balloon classic

Memorial Day • May 25~26, 2019 • Decatur, Alabama

Come and See This Family Friendly Event! Admission and Parking Are Free!

Hot Air Balloons, Vendors, Entertainment, Tractor Show, Car Show, Arts & Crafts, and More!


Are You Prepared?

Are you and your family prepared in the event of natural or man-made disasters? As we continue to face disasters that impact our communities, reducing the impacts of these disasters becomes a whole community effort. That effort includes the roles of individuals ensuring that they, and their families, are prepared and have supplies to survive as response agencies may become overwhelmed, especially during larger disasters. What actions can you take? Be Informed - Make a Plan - Build a Kit - Get Involved. For more preparedness tips, click on one of the pictures or the button below.

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