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Morgan County Sectors

Sector D-10 Morgan County

Beginning at Woodall Road and Highway 24, go south on Woodall Road (Shady Grove Lane) to Modaus Road, east on Modaus Road to Danville Road, north on Danville Road (Memorial Drive) to Moulton Street, west on Moulton Street (Highway 24) to Woodall Road and Highway 24.

Sector C-10 Morgan County

Beginning at Limestone County line and Finley Island Road, go south on Finley Island Road to Woodall Road, south on Woodall Road to State Highway 24, east on Highway 24 to Moulton Street (Highway 24). Go east on Moulton Street to the railroad, north on the railroad to the Tennessee River, northwest on river to Finley Island Road and Limestone County.

Sector E-10 Morgan County

Beginning at intersection of State Highway 20 and Lawrence County line, go south along county line to State Highway 24, then northeast on Highway 24 to Whitlow Road. Follow Whitlow Road to Hudson Road, go east along Hudson Road to Old Moulton Road, then go northeast on Old Moulton Road to Woodall Road, north on Woodall Road to State Highway 20, west on Highway 20 to Lawrence County line.

Sector E-5 Morgan County

Beginning at the intersection of Lawrence County line and State HIghway 20, go north along the county line to the Limestone County line on the Tennessee River, east along the county line (on water) to Finley Island Road, south on Finley Island Road to State Highway 20, then go west on Highway 20 to the point of beginning.